Common Injuries of Dog Grooming

When you regularly groom your moving pet with sharp tools, there are a lot of common dog grooming injuries which may possibly happen. The following are some of the few most common grooming injuries which can happen in an animal salon and what to do to help manage and prevent these kinds of injuries:

1. Cutting or Trimming the Quick

Cutting or trimming the quick on the nail of your dog is one of the most usual dog grooming injuries which happens, both at home as well as with professional animal groomers. This may be the messiest and appears to be the most terrifying injury with much amount of blood however, it is not quite as severe as it looks like.

Professional animal grooming service providers have products which are called quick stop which help stop the bleeding but sometimes, when you bring your pet home, the injury may re-open. The perfect method in order to avoid this kind of injury is by walking your pet on the grass and not letting them run around for about one hour. As a matter of fact, this kind of injury will not need too much attention, and is very minor.

2. Rear Dew Claws

Some dog breeds such as the Shih Tzu and Maltese cross tends to have this rear dew claws which can hang loosely. In addition to that, if you have not asked your veterinarian to get rid of them as a young dog, when they are de-sexed, it may become a big risk when your dogs are being groomed. Most professional grooming service providers will ask if the dog has these rear dew claws but sometimes, they may be hard to see and if the dog is matted on the legs, the grooming staff could possibly cut the rear dew claw off. Today, this is not considered as a major injury however, it may need a bandage to apply pressure as well as stop the blood and then visit a vet in order to make sure that it will not lead to infection.

3. Ear Nicks

Some other injuries of dog grooming which can happen and appears worse than it actually is when the dog’s ears are cut. Some dog breeds have ear flap shaved short on the inside and every dog’s ear is patterned differently. Some have skin folds which stick out more compared to some dogs and when shaving a large amount of hair, the grooming service provider may accidentally catch the skin fold and produce a slight nick that can make it bleed even more. Nonetheless, this wound is mostly harmless.

Dog grooming El Paso personnel will then, apply pressure, just enough to stop the bleeding and basically this will occur before you bathe your dog so that by the time your pet is washed as well as dried, the bleeding would’ve already stopped. As a pet owner, it can be very frightening knowing that this occurred however, there is nothing to be worried about because the dog’s ear will heal fast.

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